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About Applify

Our vi­sion

The prin­ting pro­cesses and the new media are the fuel for human com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Tech­no­lo­gical and eco­no­mical trends bring great change with them. From mass­com­mu­ni­ca­tion to per­sonal com­mu­ni­ca­tion, from press to print, from paper to web­sites and apps.

App­lify’s vi­sion is that prin­ting and com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­cesses need to be in­te­grated, stre­am­lined and au­to­mated so that they’ll have a fu­ture. We call this end-to-end au­to­ma­tion.

Our mis­sion

App­lify’s mis­sion is the de­ve­lop­ment and sup­port of the best work­flow so­lu­tions for com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­cesses. Wether it’s about mar­ke­ting, pu­blis­hing, press­work or in­ternal repro pro­cesses, eve­r­y­thing which starts with crea­tion of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and ends with pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion, it’s all part of the App­lify work­flow.

Our soft­ware

App­lify doesn’t mean to in­vent the wheel again and again. That’s why the ‘les­sons-learned’ and ‘best-prac­tices’ join forces to­gether to create our soft­ware app­li­ca­tion called App­lify Flow­Suite.

For whom?

The App­lify-so­lu­tions are sui­table for:

  • Re­tail
  • Ad­ver­ti­sing agen­cies
  • Di­gital prin­ting com­pa­nies
  • In-plant print shops
  • Tra­di­tional prin­ting com­pa­nies
  • Pu­blis­hers

Eve­r­y­where where new means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion arise, like books, ma­ga­zines, pos­ters, busi­ness cards, boo­klets, stickers, pla­stic bags, T-shirts, pens – all that has a print on it – but also web­sites, e-mail cam­paigns and apps are made.

App­lify has been ac­tive for more than ten years in this market and has the am­bi­tion the make sure that the Flow­Suite soft­ware is al­ways ahead of its time!

Work from any­where

App­lify is the first on the world to create an in­te­grated pro­duc­tion- and ad­mi­nis­tra­tive work­flow app­li­ca­tion for prin­ting com­pa­nies and a fully cloud-based so­lu­tion. This makes the new wor­king a lot more pos­sible.